SmartQ Queue Management

SmartQ ! a complete Queue Management System. The solution architected on black box methodology, Its efficient and independent. The plug & play approach ensures flexible integration across all the essential devises like Token-Machine, Counter Display, Waiting Area Display and Token Caller

The SmartQ Queue Management System is a set of devices/tools, mobile and web based software solutions assist in controlling customers’ flow/queue, managing the waiting time and enhancing customers’ experience with identification of quality service enhancement for multiple industries including Banking, Healthcare, Government, and Telecommunication.

SmartQ use a variety of technologies which predict and measure queue lengths and waiting times and help management in two ways – first, through enhanced customer service; second by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

SmartQ management system manages the complete route for providing service, from the start when customers enter the door until end when they leave. It streamlines the service process, creates an actionable database with customized reports that supports the organization’s business goals.

SmartQ collects accurate, real-time information that shows customer entrances and waiting time. It manages the complex flow of random and scheduled visitors (SmartQ Appointment App); by considering customer profiles and cross sell opportunities it optimizes the level of service.


What's New

The SmartQ solution is a combination of high-tech equipment and state of the ART queue software. It’s built on black box methodology concept; it ensures plug & play implementation and easy maintenance. SmartQ is 4th-generation solution’s, it works efficient with minimum resources.

SmartQ Advance queue management solution. The right use of technology keeps business ahead of time. The beer services results success stories, we enabled our customer to provide beer service to their clients. We ensures to take the client queue process automation to next level. The era is mobile era and it’s undisputed. The SmartQ mobile application linked with the queue system to meet the need of time.


Purpose and Scope

The SmartQ Solutions enhanced quality service to customers. SmartQ management system will issue a queue ticket/Ticket/Token to a customer and system will announce ticket number when service/counter is available, this will eliminating the need to stand in line while waiting and enhance the customer’s waiting experience and keep informed to customer, such as where to go, where to wait and waiting times.

A SmartQ work on real-time data about the service, wait time, and customers. Analytics/MIS provided by a SmartQ allows to identify key areas that are in need of improvement and better management of resources.



• Modernizes customer in/out flow and operation.
• Improves the level of service, enables focused improvement for specific customer segments and services.
• Updates waiting customers with SmartQ TV apps with promotional videos
• Increases sales by promotional videos


Value added advantages of SmartQ management system:

• Centralized server can be scaled up from a single point-of-service to any number of branches.
• Easy maintenance, no need to install software at agent counters.



• Centralized Management & Reporting • Multiple Language Support
• Get Token Status from Remote Location • Customized Categories/Services
• Priority Customization (Customer Choice) • Status View of Department’s On-Going Token
• Rearrange/Transfer Queue • Call/Recall Functionality
• Stop and Reject Queue • Multiple Services on Single Token
• Wire/Wireless Counter Display • Personalize Services (CNIC QRCODE)
• Mobile Queuing Application • Online Appointment