Circuit Computer International is uniquely positioned to offer high quality services at competitive prices. In addition, Circuit Computer Software’s proximity to major Financial Institution to ensures that business flow smooth, significantly reducing the risk, cost, and management activities. It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions. Circuit Computer International can establish dedicated teams with proven experience to deliver a range of services, including:

  • Software Development and Integration.
  • Maintenance of Legacy Systems.
  • Testing & QA.
  • System Re-Engineering.
  • Application Migration.
  • Circuit Computer International has expertise in a number of domains, including:
    • Wireless and Fixed Networks.
    • Real Time and Embedded Systems.
    • Enterprise Software Solutions.
    • Quality Assurance.

Circuit Computer International Software customers include companies that require turnkey projects; companies wanting to outsource and significantly reduce their R&D costs; and companies looking for Arab language and customization services.

Circuit Computer International can manage complex projects through the entire development cycle, from problem definition and system design, to detailed engineering, software development, integration and testing and post delivery support.


Circuit Computer International providing quality yet affordable consulting and IT services to clients globally. Our aim to deliver world-class IT solutions, focusing on development of network enabled business applications, multimedia content generation for the corporate and educational sectors.


Circuit Computer International works with financial enterprises to increase their IT infrastructures flexibility to help maximize performance and cost effectiveness solutions. We emphasis to minimize the IT infrastructure cost using various methodology to provide business consultancies. The outcome of Circuit Computer international services conceptual model is the result of several months brain storming on its unique design which minimize the risk of failure during its execution. We are pleased to introduce the new constraints of business in the financial sector.


Circuit Computer International mission is to improve our customers businesses by implementing strategic, human and technological change. This is reflected in our dedication teamwork to develop cost-effective software solutions that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales, and provide a competitive advantage for our clients.

The Team

Circuit Computer International team has the spark to be different, be someone and get somewhere. The team is creative, hardworking and sometimes quirky. That's why they are able to deliver the products we told you of. They not only innovate but create solutions that are cost effective with maximum reliability factor. .


Our product starts from an idea which we start developing today but keeping in mind the needs in next twenty years.


Our expert team discusses ideas they are working on with the professionals and experts in the relevent industry to deliver a unique product covering all possible features


Circuit Computer got a team of system designers and system acrhitecs who have already designed systems for industry legends.


Our developers are certified in their field and develop clean products with clean code which ultimately produces reliable products.